Fitness for Duty: Pre-Employment and Critical Incident Evaluations

Psychological screenings for public safety personnel including law enforcement officers, fire and EMS personnel, and security personnel are offered through our office. Such evaluations include employment screening following conditional offers of employment. They also include post-incident evaluations for fitness for duty.

Standard evaluations include psychological testing, clinical interview, and completion of appropriate reports for department administration. These evaluations can generally be completed in approximately four to six hours including time for test administration, scoring of test instruments, and clinical interview.

Specialized evaluations may require more extended time periods. Our experience includes assessment of local, state, and federal applicants and employees for public safety positions and fitness for duty. Additionally, it includes evaluations of persons referred by the Human Relations Department in various other organizational settings. Such evaluations may be for the purpose of evaluating degree of threat to self or others, as well as being able to effectively and appropriately perform their professional duties.