Forensic / Clinical Assessment and Consultation

Forensic/Legal Consultation (Not in Anticipation of Trial)

Forensic psychological evaluations may be conducted to assist legal counsel in representing their client. While Dr. Branaman has extensive experience with testimony at trial, he no longer accepts cases that anticipate the possibility of court testimony. Such evaluations may address either criminal or civil issues.

Additionally, consultation may involve review of records or prior evaluation reports to assist an attorney in cross-examination of a witness. In some cases, by prior agreement by the Court, such reports may also be submitted to the court by legal counsel for purpose of informing the court regarding specific matters.

Psychiatric/Medical Consultation

Such evaluations may be conducted to assist psychiatrists or family practice physicians in determining whether a psychological condition is present that may have a bearing on determination of medication or referral for psychiatric consultation.

General Psychological Evaluations

Theses evaluations may be for greater personal self-understanding. They may also be conducted to assist in counseling upon referral from mental health professionals.